SE Hub Ltd is established in Singapore and became operational in July 2011, to invest in and incubate Social Enterprises by way of equity or a loan.

SE Hub Ltd is managed using the principles of venture capital. However, unlike a venture capital firm, SE Hub does not seek to maximise returns, but rather will balance financial returns with the social benefits generated by the investee company.

SE Hub is itself a Social Enterprise. When an investee is able to stand on its own feet, SE Hub will divest its investment. All proceeds of the divestment including any profits and interest will be ploughed back to make investments in more Social Enterprises.




A Social Enterprise is neither a charity nor a purely commercial company. It is a business with a social mission to solve a particular social issue, to make a social impact and to create social value.

It desires to make moderate profits to be ploughed back into the business, to fund its growth or for improvement of the quality of its products or services.

It does not desire to maximise profits, unlike a purely commercial company. On the other hand it strives to maximise social benefit in a self-sufficient way, without depending on donations, unlike a charity.

Social Enterprises in Singapore that provide products or services that benefit the disadvantaged (economically, physically, emotionally, mentally), or those that provide sustained support to the disadvantaged, will be considered by SE Hub for investment, in the form of shares or loans.

Our Logo

The colour RED denotes the lifeblood in Society

The colour GREEN denotes the Environment

The vibrant colours depict the vitality of social enterprises.

Our Objectives

We will support and work with Social Enterprises to benefit society and the environment.

We will help Social Enterprises to do this well by becoming financially self-sufficient and achieving significant social impact.

SE Hub is supported by

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